Prayers for Spiritual Communion after Mass

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If you have missed the live service you may now rewind and replay the livestream within an 11 hour window of the event broadcast from Dunleer Parish webcam. The following document provides the instructions  REWIND LIVESTREAM instructions

Message updated 12th of January 2023

Happy New Year to our readers as we embark on our journey into 2023. Next month, February is the month of our parish patron, Saint Brigid. We also commemorate Saint Blaise and Saint Valentine in February and with their prayers and intercessions we hope for good health and lots of love in the New Year. Our Christmas Issue of Lann Leire Review proved to be very popular and we are now preparing the Spring Issue for March 17th. Our year has opened with the usual quota of deaths of beloved community people and family members and a lot of respiratory sickness, leading many to take precautions that we have become accustomed to.

Christmas was peaceful this year and even our weather did not throw its worst at us in Mid-Louth, despite some stormy nights and high tides in nearby towns. For small mercies, we remain grateful. Over the Christmas season we had the company of Fr Richmond Odoh MSP  and we marked the death of another M.S.P. priest Fr Sam Igbafe who died in Texas U.S.A. As we enter a New Year, I thank you for your support and ask that you continue to support our digital outreach on Facebook and on the parish website and our magazine Lann Leire Review.

Fr Michael Murtagh P.P.

Mass Times

St Brigid’s Dunleer A92 KX90

Sunday: 11:30 am
Saturday: 7:30 pm

Mass intentions will be shared at all Masses where necessary.


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St Kevin’s Church, Philipstown, A92 FP 27.

There are no regular Masses scheduled in St. Kevin’s Church at this time.


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St. Finian’s Church, Dromin A92 E732

10:30 am

Mass intentions will be shared at all Masses where necessary.



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Annual Bereavement Mass


The annual Mass for bereaved families will take place on Sat eve Nov 5th at 7 30 p.m.
Notice will go out to those families who took leave of loved ones in the parish since last November. If anyone would like to add a name to the list please drop a note or txt or e mail to

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