Prayers for Spiritual Communion after Mass

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CLICK HERE FOR DUNLEER PARISH WEBCAM to attend live online Masses or visit our Church.

Alternatively search for Dunleer Parish YouTube Channel directly in your browser.  Check out the REFLECTION section of the website for Psalm 91 and other prayers for spiritual communion.

Message updated 7th May 2021

From Monday May 10th we will be able to welcome back our congregation to 10 a.m. Mass each day. The guidelines allow for a congregation of fifty or fifty for each ‘zone’ in a larger church. This will not present a problem for daily Mass. We look forward to seeing those who usually attend weekday Mass but counsel people to adhere to the usual protocols and etiquette and to continue to follow us on the livestream if there is any hesitancy in returning or any reason for not resuming attending in person just yet. On the following Saturday evening May 15th at 7 30 p.m. we hope to be able to resume Sunday Vigil Mass with a congregation and on Sunday 16th May we will resume with Mass in Dromin at 10 30 a.m. and Dunleer at 11 30 a.m. Numbers will again be restricted to fifty in each zone and we ask people to adhere to the guidelines and to protect themselves and each other for the moment.

Fr Michael Murtagh P.P.

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Mass Times

Sunday: 11:30 am
Saturday: 7:30 pm

Mass intentions will be shared at all Masses where necessary.

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9:30 am
Mass intentions will be shared at all Masses where necessary.

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10:30 am

Mass intentions will be shared at all Masses where necessary.

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Songs of Lann Léire


We are delighted to host video tutorials for a virtual choir and music project for Dunleer parish. We want to share two songs, written locally by Pat Roche and Daithí Kearney, that celebrate Dunleer and the connection with St Brigid. We hope that individuals and groups join us by learning and recording the songs and sending them in for

Bereavement Support


What is it?

The Irish Hospice Foundation Bereavement Support  provides a confidential space for people to speak about their experience or to ask questions relating to the death of someone during the COVID-19 pandemic or a previous bereavement that is feeling more difficult during this time.  They  listen to what a person says about what has happened. They hope

LLR Easter edition available now!

Easter issue LLR
We ask your support as during the pandemic as we have no sponsorship to underpin costs and distribution is also problematic. To break even or to keep this community resource afloat requires maximum sales of the magazine.
The magazine is available in local shops, in the chapel (beside the candleabra) or in the porch/sun-room beside parochial House

Happy Valentines Day from Ohio!

On this Valentine’s Day, one of our virtual parishioners from Columbus Ohio in the USA shares with us part of their community i.e a 500 person choir who made this video before Covid. They unite many ages, ethnicities, religious practices, and embrace differences over a common love of service and music. Happy Valentine’s Day to Dunleer Parish from Thomas in

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