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Message updated 14th January 2022

Due to the difficulties of the moment as regards Covid 19, I recommend that people who have been doing so, continue to avail of the livestream facility to attend Mass for the moment. As we continue to struggle with the reality of the pandemic, I ask you to be creative in your manner of attending Mass. Weekdays are generally quiet. There is invariably more empty room in the front pews of the churches and the galleries in Dromin are safe places where families can sit. The livestream Mass can be accessed by going to the parish website www.dunleerparish.ie and follow the links or going to YouTube Dunleer Parish

Meantime, please follow the advice given to us for the safety of all and I hope that 2022, however different it may be, will be a time of continued journeying into the wisdom and the heritage of spiritual richness that we have been given.  Thank-You for your patience and faithfulness and generosity throughout the year and we can only hope that this coming year will be a breakthrough year for all of us. Wishing you and your families a very happy and blessed Christmas season and best wishes for 2022.

Fr Michael Murtagh P.P.

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