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Pope Benedict’s Prayer Intention for Mothers & Migrants

In its history, the majority of the immigrants have been men,  fathers, who left and who years later, sent for their wives and children, or who saved money to return home. Today, immigration is increasingly feminine. Mothers who flee from an atmosphere of family violence and abandonment. Women exposed to violent and exploitable   situations, and remained trapped in a series of    unworthy activities, Today women make up 49  percent of all immigrants.

Immigrant families, especially those with small   children can suffer sadness, fear  …. ‘cultural shock’ which begins with enthusiasm and optimism but can end with adaptation, or with rejection of the new  culture especially if the immigrant finds himself  marginalised and socially isolated. This month Pope Benedict invites us to join in his prayer intention for February “… that migrant families, especially the mothers, may be supported and accompanied in their difficulties.”