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Philipstown First Communion

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17 May 2015
12:00 AM

2014 First Holy Communion St Brigid's Dunleer 2014

Preparation for First Holy Communion

All children will complete the “Do this in Memory” programme prior to receiving their First Holy Communion. A significant part of the programme will take place at Sunday masses during the year. Parents will be advised of the specific masses to attend with their children.


‘Do This in Memory’

for use with Children and their Parents preparing for First Holy Communion


At 7.30pm Vigil Mass on Saturday evenings

  1.  Enrolment Mass Saturday 18th October
  2. Feast of Christ the King Saturday 22nd November
  3. 3rd Sunday of Advent Saturday 13th December
  4. 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Saturday 17th January
  5. 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time Saturday 14th February
  6. 3rd Sunday in Lent Saturday 7th March
  7. Passion (Palm) Sunday Saturday 28th March
  8. 3rd Sunday of Easter Saturday 18th April
  9. Feast of Corpus Christi Sunday 7th June

First Holy Communion Ceremonies 2015

  • Philipstown May 17th
  • Dromin May 24th
  • Dunleer May 23rd