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Liturgy of Reconciliation with an Act of Perfect Contrition

On Sunday 24th March at 7pm, I’ll lead a special Liturgy of Reconciliation with an Act of Perfect Contrition for those unable to come to Confession in these days. This Liturgy will be broadcast on our usual parish livestream.

The church will not be open for this liturgy as this Liturgy is specifically for those who can’t get to Confession – for example, the sick at home or in hospital, the home-bound, those in nursing homes, etc.

It follows the reminder from Pope Francis at the start of the pandemic in 2020: that if and when we cannot go to Confession we can and should “speak to God, He is your Father, and tell him the truth. Enumerate your sins, ask the Lord for forgiveness with all your heart, and make an act of contrition. Promise him: “Later I will confess, but forgive me now.” Immediately you will return to the grace of God.”

This is NOT a replacement for the Sacrament of Reconciliation – it includes the firm resolution to go to sacramental Confession as soon as possible – “Later I will Confess, But Forgive Me Now”

If you are able to go to Confession, this Liturgy is not for you.

If you are unable at present to go to Confession, then this Liturgy is to assure you of God’s mercy until you can get to Confession.



Fr. Damien