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Come home for Christmas – and for the rest of the year

This Christmas we invite people to reconsider attending Mass and the Sacraments in a regular way.

Many people still attend Mass every Sunday and are involved in their parish and community through the various groups that make up a parish. The number of people who attend Mass weekly has shown a small but steady increase over recent years. The church pews are not steadily emptying as some would have us believe. Collections are well supported and many church groups and initiatives thrive.

There are many people who would like to attend Mass more regularly but who do not have the opportunity to do so because of sickness or personal circumstances. Others would like to be more regular attendees but find it difficult to motivate themselves or to organise themselves sufficiently. Still others need some kind of encouragement.

To parishioners who have lapsed in their practice of the faith, I invite you to ‘Come Home For Christmas’. We miss you from our gatherings. We miss your presence, your talents and your potential. Whether you have stayed away for a long time or for a brief period, we in the parish want to say welcome and to encourage you to deepen your commitment and establish a pattern of regular attendance at Mass. In these uncertain times, we trust that you will find nourishment and guidance in the teaching of Christ and in the sacraments. We invite you to join us as we try to follow Christ; the Way the Truth and the Life.

Many people attend Mass every day and find much support and nourishment in the Readings and in Holy Communion. The same applies to those who attend weekly. There is a fount of wisdom in the Scriptures from which we can learn. It can encourage us and challenge us to greater growth and maturity. The Sacrament of Holy Communion is very personal encounter with Christ and is the centre-piece of the spiritual life of Catholics. It is our view that all of us owe worship and thanks to God and that we have a great deal to give and receive in the practice of our faith. So we encourage you to join us, not just for Christmas, but, as true friends do, to remain faithful to your friendship with Christ over the New Year and beyond.


Fr. Michael Murtagh