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Volunteers needed for Eucharistic Adoration

Phone Claire 086 364 2610

Every Thursday in St Brigid’s church Dunleer  after 10 Mass we have silent Eucharistic Adoration all day until 9.30pm.   A small group of faithful adorers sitting or kneeling at the feet of Jesus Christ, truly present in the Blessed Sacrament. We need more people to come forward and help continue to spend an Hour with Jesus.

Words of encouragement

‘I have for many years resisted the call or invitation to be involved in Eucharistic Adoration. I didn’t see any great advantage in it and anyway I felt I was too busy. Adoration has been going on in this Parish for 7 years or more. My life was taken up with work, sporting activities, and holidays. I never had a spare moment. Suddenly I faced a crisis in my life and when all else failed I dropped into our church to ask for help. Adoration was in progress with a few people present. On the way out I was approached by this man who asked me if I would commit to an hour a week for about a month and fill in for him while he was on holidays. After some persuasion on his part I agreed. This was the best decision I ever made. It was the first time in years that I experience peace in my life and I wanted more of this. When the month passed, he came to thank me and suggested I commit for an hour of my own. I agreed to give it a try. Seven years later I am still doing an hour a week. It has made such a difference in my life. I now go to mass regularly and have a much greater love of the mas and much more interested in it. The crisis, bit by bit disappeared. I am still very busy at various things but the hour in Adoration seems to help me to have a clearer head and do things more effectively and efficiently. I now realise after all these years that the busier you are the more you need the Lord and one of the places to find Him is in the Adoration Chapel. A busy sceptic, but not anymore!

“The Adoration Chapel is so peaceful and I love to be there free of all the business of life for a while. There is no phone, no computer, no shopping trollies, no washing and cleaning. It is just me and the Lord having a quiet chat. It is such a quiet time to just look and listen and chat with the Lord”