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Sunday 3rd January

The Word of God pitches his tent among us. The Wisdom of God has come to enlighten us. The Creator of all takes on the flesh of a created one.

This is what marks out the Christian faith as different. We believe that our God revealed himself to us by coming to live among us. Without lessening his Godly nature, he took on our humanity and shared our human experience. No other faith describes a God who would stoop down to share in the life of mortals in such an intimate manner.

The Wisdom of God (Eccl ) is shown to us in the person and the ministry of Jesus. Wisdom has pitched its tent as foretold in the Wisdom literature. What is and was eternal is born into time and made subject to the limitations of the created order. ‘He has not dealt thus with other nations, he has not taught them his decrees.’

This generosity of God is to free us from the finality and the slavery of death. By taking on our human nature Jesus does not diminish himself or his nature but raises up our human nature to the dignity of the divine. Jesus takes back with him to the Trinity his dual nature. Our humanity is part of the nature of God. We are given a choice – to believe in Christ as son of God or to reject his claims to be the Word made flesh. The choice of light and enlightenment by the Wisdom of God or the darkness of drifting into death or nothingness. We can, by accepting Christ, become children of God and adoptive sons and daughters or we can choose to trust in ourselves and in the promises of the world.

These are the things our God has done for us. We have been promised a share in God’s glory because God chose to share in our humanity – he promised life because he chose to share in our suffering and death – he promised us a place in the company of God because the Word pitched his tent among us and shared in the life of the world. We may share in his divinity because he shared in our humanity.